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5 Tips About Yachts For Charter

Yachts for charter are available worldwide in popular hot spots and even in the most remote locations. They come in all shapes and sizes with every kind of feature and amenity you can dream of.

Do you wish you could narrow down the perfect luxury yacht in minutes for your next yacht charter?

With thousands of yachts available in the global yacht charter fleet, the best yachts for charter are only known by insiders, known as yacht charter brokers. They are experts at crafting unforgettable experiences on the finest yachts in the world.

Of these insiders, only a handful have knowledge about the best yachts, relationships with captains and crew, as well as and actual experience running superyachts for charter, visiting every cruising area on the planet.

Do you wish you had direct access to one of these highly qualified insiders to guide you and arrange your perfect yacht charter?

With 30 years of expertise in all aspects of yachting, yacht charter broker Todd Weider is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced experts in the industry. He has guided CEOs, billionaires, prime ministers, entertainers, and other ultra-high-net-worth clients through every aspect of luxury yacht charter.  (view his Yachts for Charter Guide & Checklist below)

Todd is also known for his role as an advisor to 51 Minds Entertainment and orchestrating the regulatory challenges and luxury yacht charter for the first season of Below Deck. A charter contract in excess of one million USD.

Feats like these and many others showcase his expertise and highlight why working directly with him when exploring yachts for charter ensures your yacht charter experience is second to none.

For a custom itinerary and proposal which includes only the best yachts for charter, and to learn about his insider tips and secrets before you charter a yacht, speak with yacht charter broker Todd Weider, simply by using his contact information below.

Yachts For Charter Guide & Checklist

These are the top 10 questions related to yachts for charter. For answers to these questions and your own step-by-step guide, download the Yachts for Charter Guide and Checklist below.

For expert guidance and more, contact yacht broker Todd Weider “wider”, who is a luxury yacht sales and charter specialist located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, or keep scrolling down the page for additional information and tips, that outline what you should consider when searching yachts for charter.


  • How much do yachts for charter cost to rent?

    2021 weekly yacht charter rates in USD for the crew and the yacht are as follows:
    Yacht Length Weekly Rate
    40′-60′ (12m-18m) $12,000 – $28,000
    60′-90′ (18m-28m) $28,000 – $105,000
    90′-120′ (28m-36m) $95,000 – $140,000
    120′-150′ (36m-45m) $58,000 – $350,000
    150′-180′ (45m-55m) $8o,000 – $420,000
    180′-200′ (55m-58m) $175,000 – $650,000
    200′-230′ (60m-70m) $230,000 – $840,000
    230′-325′ (70m-100m) $295,000 – $1.6MM
    325′-550′ (100m-167m) $630,000 – $3MM
    550′ ( 167m) + $3MM+
    The weekly Yacht Charter rates depend on the type of yacht, where you want to charter, when, the age of the yacht, and the size of the yacht.
  • What are the best yachts for charter in 2021?

    The 2021 12 best yachts for charter are Tis, Tatoosh, Rebeca, O’Pari, Ragnar, Lana, EIV, Blue II, Haze, K2, Cloud 9, and Stefania. Rates and specifications are available.

  • How much does it cost to charter a 100 foot yacht?

    In 2021 the average weekly cost to charter/rent a new 100 foot yacht (90′-120′/28m-36m) is $95,000 – $140,000 per week. Taxes, relocation fees, 30% – 35% advance provisioning allowance, and optional crew gratuity are generally not included. The pricing varies greatly by location, age, and type.

  • Why do yachts for charter only allow 12 guests?

    A maximum of 12 guests on board most yachts for charter is regulated by the SOLAS convention. There are, however, yachts for charter that are allowed to carry more than the 12 guests maximum. These yachts will have a PYC (Passenger Yacht Code) rating allowing 13-36 guests onboard.

  • Is a yacht charter all-inclusive?

    All-inclusive yacht charters do exist. While not offered on all yachts for charter, the all-inclusive yacht charter can be a great option. An all-inclusive yacht for charter includes accommodations for all guests, food, drink, water sport activities, dockage, fuel, and taxes.

  • How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Miami?

    In 2021 a weekly yacht for rent in Miami for 12 guests starts at $5,000 per day for a smaller yacht and up to $25,000 a day for a superyacht. Larger yachts are generally only available for term charters or a 5-7 day minimum.

  • Are dogs allowed on yachts for charter?

    There are many yachts for charter that allow dogs on board. For a list of yachts that allow pets contact a yacht charter specialist with insider information. A pet deposit is generally required, and as long as there is no damage to the yacht at departure, the pet deposit will normally be returned.

  • How much do you tip crew on a yacht charter?

    Crew gratuity is at the discretion of the yacht charter and normally between 5 to 20 percent of the weekly base yacht charter fee. Gratuity for the whole charter is given directly to the captain at the end of the charter, as there are many crew behind the scenes that work out of sight, or prior to the charter, who make everything the best it can be for the guests.

  • How much is a Caribbean yacht rental?

    A Caribbean yacht charter prices vary based on the location, size, style, and age of the yacht. Charter yachts rent from USD $30,000 to over $1,000,000 per week, plus expenses and taxes. A yacht specialist with insider information can provide you your own complimentary custom presentation with the best yachts for charter.

  • When is the best time to plan a yacht charter?

    Plan your yacht charter 3-6 months before you want to go. Many of the best yachts for charter are booked well in advance. For the best selection and experience, book late summer for a winter charter, and just before the new year a summer charter.

Todd’s experience

Todd Weider

Yacht charter broker

Former superyacht Captain

Owners representative

Charter consultant

Yacht charter advisor

Superyacht expert

Why Work With a Yacht Charter Expert?
The question should be why wouldn’t you?

Anybody can search yachts for charter, but having insider access is what counts.

This means having knowledge of the global yacht charter fleet, as well as access to a yacht specialist who will answer all of your questions while leading and orchestrating the yacht charter process.

A qualified yacht charter expert has a strong network and access to the yachts and crew in the yachting community. They also have real-world experience in yacht charter, as well as building, operating, managing, and inspecting yachts.

Regardless of size, working with even the best yacht charter broker costs you nothing, and one with real-world expertise will guide you through the yacht chartering process, and beyond, making key decisions simple to understand and easy to make.

I use Todd for all my charter bookings because as a former superyacht captain, he has literally been everywhere - 6-time repeat charterer

Yachts For Charter Guide


Are you tired of searching the web wondering which yachts have the best chefs, the coolest toys, and the quietest, most recently updated staterooms? Are you concerned about planning your trip, and what itinerary best suits your family’s needs? Do you want to know the best yachts for charter in minutes?

In addition to having insider information and knowledge about the best yachts for charter, Todd has also spent three decades exploring, operating, building, managing, and marketing some of the most complex and renowned luxury yachts on the planet.

His global travel, diverse expert knowledge, and real-world experience set him apart from most yacht charter brokers. With Todd, searching yachts for charter is simply easier, and also why he is referred to and recognized by yacht charterers and owners as a leading luxury yacht charter expert.

Todd knows the key to selecting the best yachts for charter is knowing all the secrets about every yacht, and each cruising area on the planet.

Knowing the right person to contact for your next yacht charter is step one. Having an expert spoon-feed you every answer to your next charter experience is step two.

For the yacht charter experience of a lifetime and to learn about planning and selecting yachts for charter, see the Searching Yachts for Charter section below.

For insider information and secrets about the best yachts in the global yacht charter fleet, give Todd a call. He’s highly recommended and happy to talk about yachts any time. (download his Yachts for Charter Guide below)



  • Type of hull: Depending on where you want to charter, a yacht’s type of hull a yacht matters.
  • Number of Crew: Yachts with a higher crew to guests ratio tend to offer a different level of service.
  • Electronics: Some yachts have multi-million dollar cinemas and sound systems, but how do you know which ones?
  • Zero speed stabilizers: Without the right equipment yachts can roll at anchor or in port, making them uncomfortable.
  • Where to start: Starting in the right location can be the difference between smooth sailing and tossing your cookies.
  • Master staterooms: The best master stateroom suites are normally on the main deck, or above, with large windows, but which ones are the quietest?
  • APA: What is covered in your Advanced Provisioning Allowance, and what is not can be different for each yacht.
  • Tenders & Toys: The best yachts have all the right tenders, towed tenders, toys, and amenities. Learn which ones.
  • Itinerary: A well-thought-out itinerary can avoid running up fuel costs and ensure the best yacht charter.
  • Pets: There are many yachts that cater to pets, but as a norm, pets are not allowed. What yachts are pet-friendly?
  • Special requests: Knowing which captains and crew are most accommodating to special requests is also important.

For your own custom itinerary built around your style of yachting along with the best yachts for charter in any given region, simply schedule your 15-minute yacht charter consultation with yacht charter broker and specialist Todd Weider.

He is always available, and it will be one of the smartest decisions you’ll make planning your next yacht charter.

Go ahead and WhatsApp, send a text 24/7, or call +1-954-610-55735.

How Much is aYacht Charter?
40′-60′ / 12m-18m $12k – $28k
60′-90′ / 18m-28m $28k – $105k
90′-120′ /28m-36m $95k – $140k
120′-150′ / 3m6-45m $58k – $350k
150′-180′ / 45m-55m $8ok – $320k
180′-200′ / 55m-58m $175k – $650k
200′-230′ / 60m-70m $230k – $840k
230′-325′ / 70m-100m $295k – $1.6M
325′-550′ / 100m-167m $630k – $3M
550′ / 167m + $3M+
*weekly estimates can vary greatly by location

Yachts for Charter Guide & Checklist

yachts for charter guide and checklist

Searching yachts for Charter

How to search yachts for charter?

Step 1: Select a qualified yacht charter broker

When searching yachts for charter, knowing the best yachts for charter, where to go, and the best time to go are all that matters.

There are literally thousands of yachts for charter – most of which look the same. Do they have the right toys, poor or great service, new or old interiors? How will you know?

Spend just a few seconds browsing sites – even after this you’ll be left confused and wondering what the best yachts are and when they are available.

How about all the sites you visited that left out the best yachts. How would you know they were even left out?

The reality is you cannot know the full availability of the best yachts for charter without the guidance of an expert yacht charter broker who has insider knowledge of the global yacht charter fleet.

For these reasons the only decision you need to make is to work with a yacht charter specialist.

But while there are many yacht charter brokers that will jump at the opportunity to offer their services, only a few have their pulse on the marketplace as well as real-world experience operating superyachts and traveling to all the hottest yacht charter destinations.

Choosing a qualified yacht charter broker when searching yachts for charter is the most important decision you’ll make. This is the big win you’ll experience and why clients only use Todd Weider as their yacht charter broker.

These rare specialists know much more than even the most tuned-in yacht enthusiast. They are better connected, they have access to the finest yachts, and they can tell you how to go about organizing the best trips.

After this decision, with proper insider knowledge and guidance, the rest of your decisions will be easy to make.

To help with this process, download the Best Yacht Charter Broker Comparison Guide for free.

Step 2: Choosing where to go and when

There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of destinations and itineraries available for your next yacht charter.

A week in the Bahamas or the Monaco Grand Prix. The South Pacific, or The Greek Isles. Knowing when to book, the best time to go, and the best itinerary is where it all starts.

With a 10-minute discovery call, your yacht charter specialist will gather enough information to begin the planning phase of your next yacht charter. Once they have narrowed down your schedule, the best destination to visit during this time, and an itinerary that meets your needs, they can finish the preliminary planning of your yacht charter vacation.

Step 3: The number of guests and special requirements

During your introductory call, a good yacht charter specialist will certainly ask about the number of guests that will be joining you. They will also ask if any of your guests have any special requirements.

You may not know how many guests will be joining you during your discovery call, and if there will be supernumeraries such as nannies, pilots, or nurses. During your call, knowing approximates is okay, and can be firmed up later.

The important part to remember is the majority of yachts for charter only allow a maximum of 12 guests, regardless of how big they are, and how many staterooms the yacht has.

Your yacht charter specialist will expand on this during your discovery call.

Step 4: Budget and yacht size

When it comes to yachts, size and price go very much hand in hand. Bigger yachts mean a higher weekly rate, more crew to operate them, more amenities, more of everything.

For approximate term (weekly) yacht charter pricing, see the “How Much is a Yacht Charter?” table above.

Depending on your needs, budget, the number of guests, and itinerary, your yacht charter specialist will help you determine the size of yacht that best suits your charter experience. This also includes selecting a yacht that can go to the places on your itinerary.

For example, a yacht over 180′ may not be able to navigate certain places, which means a smaller yacht may have to be considered. This is why working with a yacht charter specialist with former superyacht charter experience as a respected captain is important.

When it comes to pricing, rates are normally quoted by the week, which includes the yacht and the crew. In addition to the weekly base charter rate, additional costs include taxes, dockage, fuel, relocation fees, provisions, etc.

Many of these expenses fall under the APA or Advance Provisioning Allowance, which is normally 35% of the base charter rate. Taxes and relocation fees are generally outlined in the charter agreement, where APA covers operational costs and provisions.

Gratuity is also an expense to be considered when chartering a yacht. While the amount of gratuity is 100% at the discretion of the charterer, it is not uncommon for 10%-15%+ of the base rate to be left to the crew.

Step 5: Type of yacht charter

Choosing the type of yacht to charter and the activities you wish to experience is the final step in narrowing down your selection of yachts for charter.

Types of yachts include Sailing Yachts, Motoryachts, Explorer/Expedition Yachts, Classic Yachts, and Fast Yachts. Choosing the type of yacht for your destination may also be determined by the activities you wish to experience. Activities may focus on exploring, sailing, wellness, or a corporate event.

Once your yacht charter specialist has this last piece of information, they will begin the process of shortening up your list and will provide a complete presentation of yachts that meet your requirements.

Step 6: Yacht charter presentation

The best yacht charter specialists will provide you with a well-prepared yacht charter presentation prepared specifically for your requirements. In this presentation, a complete list of the best yachts for charter will be included. The presentation will include the rate for each yacht, the number of crew onboard during your charter, how many guests the yacht sleeps, and any additional notes such as relocation fees, additional toys, tenders, etc.

The presentation will also include links to brochures or websites for each yacht presented. These e-brochures will have photos of the yacht for charter, both interior, and exterior. They will also include lifestyle images where you’ll see the yacht in action, the type of food to expect, and its toys.

In addition to photos of the yacht, images of the crew and their bio’s are also often included.

Step 7: Selection and contract

Once you have studied, compared, and discussed the yachts presented for charter with your family and your yacht charter specialist, selections are made. Your yacht charter broker will now inquire on availability and begin narrowing down the selection process.

Because there are many moving parts in the operation of a busy yacht charter operation, waiting to hear back on the availability of each yacht can take several days. During this time, all the details of the contract are discussed, including pickup and drop-off location, special requirements, etc, to avoid exchanging contracts multiple times.

It is also important to know the yacht charter contracts are standardized and used industry-wide by the best yacht charter brokers, yacht charter managers, and yacht owners.

Once the availability, terms, and details are confirmed, contracts are submitted and signed.

Step 8: Payments and deposits

Now that contracts have been signed, and assuming the charter does not start within 30 days, a 50% deposit is also submitted to your yacht charter broker. They then record and confirm the deposit has been made.

Your final deposit of 50% and the APA (advance provisioning allowance) is made 30 days prior to the start of your yacht charter vacation starting.

Step 9: Preference sheets

To ensure your yacht charter vacation is the best it can be, your captain and crew need to know as much about your preferences as they can. This is an exciting part of the yacht charter experience because it allows the crew to set up the yacht exactly as you wish, and so they can deliver the five-star service that only the best yachts provide.

Remember to ask for what you want. The more specific you are with your preference sheets, the more enjoyable your experience will be. Preference sheets also include special requests, like birthdays, themes, or strict dietary needs of guests.

Be honest, informative, and prepare to be pampered. Some of the best charter yachts have even been known to ask if guests prefer a specific brand of sunscreen. No request is too large and no detail is too small,

Step 10: Enjoy your yacht charter experience

Sit back and relax. Chartering a yacht for your next vacation is simply as good and as easy as it gets. Regardless of age and interests, there is no other platform that engages all generations together at the same time, in the same place.

Friends and family that yacht together, stay together. The best memories are made, the best service is provided, and nothing quite compares.

By working with a yacht charter specialist, every step of your yacht charter experience will be simple and carefree.

You are well on your way to finding the best yachts for charter, and now, you know what to look for, what to avoid, and how to navigate the process.

Contact Yacht Charter Specialist Todd Weider

To begin this amazing fun-filled experience, take the next step and contact yacht specialist Todd Weider. He’s happy to talk about yachts at any time, and should something not go just as you’d like, he’ll be there to assist.

Simply use WhatsApp, call, or send a text 24/7 at +1-954-610-5573 for anything you’d like to know about yachts for charter.

10 Best Tips onSearching Yachts For Charter
Step 1. Use a yacht charter specialist
Step 2. Choose where to go and when
Step 3. Guests & special requirements
Step 4. Budget and yacht size
Step 5. Choose your yacht type
Step 6. Yacht charter presentation
Step 7. Selection and contract
Step 8. Payments and deposits
Step 9. Preference sheets
Step 10. Enjoy your yacht charter


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