How To Sell A Yacht

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5 Tips on Selling Your Yacht

Every yacht has its unique selling points, but a luxury yacht expert with a creative mind, innovative marketing strategies, and resources can sell a yacht for the highest price in the shortest period of time.

Because of his 3 decades of yachting and yacht marketing expertise, yacht owners look to yacht broker Todd Weider to sell their yacht. Todd understands the importance of modern yacht sales and marketing, as well as its tremendous impact on traditional yacht sales.

He doesn’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all solution. (view his Yacht Selling Guide below)

Todd’s yacht sales formula to sell a yacht is effective and unlike any other, utilizing a combination of smart marketing, creative thinking, customer data, and yacht market intelligence. His strategies make the process of selling a yacht simple and stress-free for yacht owners.

Sell a yacht Guide & Checklist

These top 10 questions were asked by people looking to sell a yacht. For answers to these questions and your own step-by-step guide, download the Sell a Yacht Guide and Checklist below.

For expert guidance and more, contact yacht broker Todd Weider “wider”, who is a luxury yacht sales specialist located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Keep browsing for information and additional tips that outline what you should know before you decide to sell a yacht.


  • How much is my yacht is worth?

    2021 yacht sales data reports, superyachts can start around $2.5 million for a previously owned smaller used yacht, and increase in value to as much as $500 to $600 million, which is how much Azzam, the largest yacht in the world built by Lurssen at 590 feet cost to build. The average yacht price for a second-hand yacht for sale is €8.9 million ($10.54 million).

  • How long does it take to sell a yacht?

    Reported 2021, according to industry data mined by Yacht Sales Broker Todd Weider, it takes 4-8 months to sell a smaller yacht, while larger yachts take 6-18 months on average to sell.

  • How do yacht brokers get paid?

    As of 2021, the commission paid to a yacht broker is 5% to the seller’s side and 5% to the buyer’s side. If the selling broker has both the seller and the buyer, the commission paid is 10% on the purchase price of the yacht.

  • What are a yacht’s best selling points?

    Presenting a luxury yacht to the market requires research, photography, and knowledge of the global yacht fleet. Without any of these items, it is easy to misrepresent the selling points of any yacht. The best selling points also depend on what the yacht will be used for, by who, and where.

  • What does a yacht broker do?

    A yacht sales broker’s job is to represent buyers and sellers in the sale and purchase of yachts. They also have unique skills and knowledge about luxury yachts, and market conditions. It’s important to know the most experienced yacht brokers know how to navigate through the yacht buying process, and get to the closing table. This knowledge comes from decades of experience and understanding not only the yacht itself, but the management, operation, systems, and how to close a deal. When selecting a yacht broker, the most important qualification in all stages of yacht ownership is experience.

  • How much does a yacht broker charge?

    According to 2021 yacht sales data, brokers take their commission off the top once the boat has been sold. The industry standard is 10 percent, and for yachts over ten million dollars, the amount of commission paid can vary.

  • What photographs of my yacht are best?

    Shooting photography for a luxury yacht requires expert knowledge about how to best present a yacht to the market. While knowing which angles and lighting is required is the job of the photographer, it takes a trained yacht broker to tell you what will make or break a photo shoot. Because of this, a complete photo brief is often compiled before a photoshoot to be sure the best and right photos are taken.

  • How do I prepare my yacht for sale?

    Consult with a highly experienced and knowledgeable yacht broker with former superyacht captain, charter, management, and build experience. Having a person with all of these qualifications, who will help you organize and prepare your yacht to be presented to the market is step one. They will then orchestrate buyers, surveyors, the crew, and the marketing of your yacht.

  • How can I sell my yacht fast?

    The fastest way to sell your yacht is through a qualified yacht broker that knows the global yacht fleet, market conditions, and that has a comprehensive list of middlemen, yacht brokers, UHNWI, and newly qualified yacht buyers. Yacht Broker Todd Weider has all of these tools and is also a technology and marketing expert who knows how to sell a yacht fast.

  • Does the location of my yacht matter?

    After price, the location of your yacht is possibly the most important element in the yacht sales process. As of 2021, 90% of superyachts sold have either been in South Florida or the West Med, ideally the South of France. These are prime shopping zones, and where most yacht sales transactions take place.

Todd’s yacht sales experience

Todd Weider

buy a yacht with fort lauderdale yacht broker todd weider

Yacht sales professional

Yacht marketing expert

Former megayacht captain

Yacht analysis expert

Digital yacht sales consultant

Superyacht expert

Yacht operations expert

Todd's approach to sell a yacht is as smart as it gets. Just give him a call and see why I think he's the best. He's the real deal - 120' (36m) yacht owner

Sell A Yacht Guide

What should I know about selling a yacht?

Many details need consideration before you sell a yacht. As is true of most yacht owners, your yacht is without question one of your biggest investments, and certainly one of your most prized possessions.

You have countless memories aboard with family, and your closest friends. You took it here and there, and you’ve spent time, money, and effort making it your go to place. While important, what really matters now is how your yacht will be presented to the market to attract the most yacht buyers. (see 10 Steps to Sell a Yacht below)

Simply put, you’ll need an expert to price your yacht accurately right from the start, and to WOW the market. Someone who will understand and articulate your yacht’s unique story, along with its brand equity, to inspire buyers. This is why people use Todd Weider to sell their yacht.

Todd views every yacht as a unique brand that requires a specific, and powerful marketing strategy. The strategy will focus on the yacht’s history, inherit value, and most important attributes.

Todd utilizes a creative approach and broad outreach that will catapult the sale of your yacht into the minds of influencers, yacht brokers, writers, marketers, yacht buyers and more, resulting in the best possible outcome.



  • Visual Identity: Is your yacht portraying a trustworthy perception? Is it amplified to buyers?
  • Construction: Where was your yacht built, and who was involved?
  • Design: What makes a yacht’s design special, and does it matter who styled her?
  • History: Will the next yacht owner care where your yacht has been and when?
  • Ownership: While usually private, does previous ownership have any relevance to selling your yacht?
  • Unique Features: What unique features are proven the most important to sell a yacht?
  • Spirit: Will the next yacht owner experience your yacht, the details, and crew — its “branding” in the same way? Why is this important?
  • Guests: What type of guests used your yacht, and who cares?
  • Events: Has your yacht attended special events, and does that help it sell?
  • Awards: Has your yacht been recognized for perfection, innovation, technology etc? Should it be?
  • Use: What did the current and previous yacht’s owners, and guests, primarily do aboard?
  • Maintenance History: Who has personally cared for your yacht, and which yacht yards have carried out work?

To learn why his yacht sales and selling techniques work, simply schedule your consultation with yacht broker Todd Weider. Go ahead and send a text 24/7, or call +1-954-610-55735.

What is my yacht worth?
Presenting your yacht to the market and making it stand out among comparable yachts is a vital step to sell a yacht. Doing so requires careful planning and analysis.

Determining the asking price will set the tone of the entire sales process and how your yacht will be received in the marketplace. If the price is set too high, your yacht will not attract qualified buyers.

The brokerage community will pass over your yacht, excluding it when they present yacht buying opportunities to their clients. Then, your yacht may become a stale listing, making you absorb ongoing carry costs and delaying your plans until your yacht sells.

Price the yacht too low, and you could risk losing a significant amount of money.

To determine what a buyer will pay for your yacht, you’ll need a thorough analysis of its unique selling points and market conditions.

This includes: comparable yachts for sale, the condition, amenities, her pedigree and size, classification, location, maintenance history, and comparable yachts sold. All of which have a weighted value when determining a yacht’s asking price.

To discuss your yacht’s valuation, along with any questions about selling your yacht, use Todd’s contact information above.

Sell my yacht – Professional yacht broker vs DIY

Professional Yacht Broker Do It Yourself
Digital Marketing Todd is a digital marketing expert, who has been instrumental in the digital marketing and web development strategies used by many of the most renowned yacht brokerages in the industry today. SEO, ad-words, re-targeting and more, can be difficult tasks to navigate without the proper strategy and tactical know-how of the yachting marketplace. Consult a yacht sales expert.
Email Marketing Todd has one of the most extensive email lists of yacht owners, sellers, captains and professionals in the industry. His list also includes in excess of 1,000 yacht brokers, who receive news updates on a regular basis. Emailing friends and family is a great way to spread the word about selling your yacht. Be sure to provide updates about location changes, pricing, and any pertinent modifications about your yacht.
GOOGLE Todd is a master at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and organic search, which may be how you found this page. His years of experience understanding GOOGLE’s search parameters are priceless. You’ll want to build a website and hire an independent expert to manage your SEO. This is very time-consuming and even then, it can take years for results to appear on page 1 of GOOGLE.
Yacht MLS Sites Todd leverages Yacht MLS Sites for maximum exposure to sell your yacht. He has also done A/B testing and knows how each MLS works, and what features are worth paying for, and which are not. You’ll need to subscribe and pay hefty listing fee’s to access the top Yacht MLS Sites, many of which you must be a broker. If you do go this route, the best way to sell a yacht is to include very detailed descriptions, full specifications and photos.
Social Media In addition to his own audience of over 100k followers across multiple Social Media properties, Todd has relationships with influences who can reach well over 1mm followers across social media at any given time. Generally, an individual’s social media account is just not robust enough to connect with the right audience, but if you do have the reach, post about your yacht often, and be sure to engage with your audience throughout the day.
Yacht Photography Todd has relationships with some of the best yacht photographers in the industry, and knows what shots are required to sell a yacht. These photos are then used across all marketing channels, and provided to writers and influencers. Be sure to vet each photographer. Its often found what works on one yacht, does not always work on the next. Provide a shot list. Many photographers are known to take shortcuts, thus providing an incomplete shoot to sell your yacht.
Yacht Video Marketing Todd understands the importance of video, which is why he invested, built, and sold the only yacht video portal “Splash Vision” from 2004-2007. He’s an expert at video marketing and knows how to provide maximum exposure to sell your yacht. When done right, video marketing can be highly effective to sell a yacht. If you decide to take on producing your own video content, when vetting professional videographers, ask if they utilize the best quality drones and 4k cameras and if they have recorded yachts.
Print Marketing Todd is supported by the best in the business and has relationships with editors and leading print publications worldwide, including Business Insider, Forbes, Yachts Int, Show Boats, Boat Int and many more. Since you’ll be marketing a single yacht, the costs will not be spread across a fleet of listings. Because of this, a significant budget will be required. If you have the budget, it’s best to allocate exposure in all the leading yacht sales publications for a minimum of six months.


How to Sell A Yacht in 10 Steps

1. Source a Qualified Yacht Broker

In order to sell a yacht for its maximum price, access to powerful global marketing, extensive yacht intelligence, and insider knowledge of the current marketplace is step one, but there’s much more to consider.

By selling your yacht through an experienced central agent, a full-time professional will correspond with yacht brokers, buyers, and orchestrate the entire sales process.

This also means you’ll have access to historical data, such as thousands of sold yachts, how long comparable yachts took to sell, the price each yacht actually sold for, and yachts for sale – publicly advertised and privately listed.

An experienced broker will not only have yacht sales knowledge and know how to sell a yacht. They will also know the technical, operations, new construction, and management side of yachts of all sizes.

For these reasons and more, buyers, sellers and brokers know when they negotiate a deal with yacht broker Todd Weider to buy and/or sell a yacht that they are working with an expert of 30 years with professional knowledge, known for getting the job done where others have not.

Choosing a qualified yacht broker to sell your yacht is the most important decision you’ll make, and where you’ll improve the selling of your yacht the most. Doing so will position you for the best possible outcome. To help with this process, download the Best Yacht Broker Comparison Guide for free.

2. Market Analysis and Comparisons

The luxury yacht market, like all markets, ebbs and flows. Because the state of the market is constantly changing, a highly qualified yacht broker with his pulse on the daily, weekly and monthly market activity, along with access to historical data, provides the best analysis of the market and your yacht.

For example, yacht broker Todd Weider points out, while sales of 100′ (33m) yachts may be soft, yachts 180′ (55m) and up, may be strong. This would mean a less aggressive price point on a 100′ (33m) yacht and a more aggressive price point on a 180′ (55m) yacht would be warranted.

Todd also points out that by having access to a proprietary database, he is able observe that from 2007 –  2014, the number of yachts delivered compared to other years was very low. Because of this, yachts built during this period have experienced a slower rate of depreciation and higher demand.

It takes decades to collect and analyze the thousands of sold yachts from around the world. When cross-referenced with various data inputs, the current market status and trends are revealed.

For a free market analysis, download the Sell A Yacht and Market Analysis Guide here.

3. Determine Price and Valuation

However you go about selling your yacht, setting a realistic price is crucial to a quick sale.

With thousands of yachts for sale at any given time, only a highly experienced yacht broker with historical data and analysis tools has the expertise to thoroughly evaluate your yacht before settling on a market price.

Determining a price for your yacht may also require an onsite visit to appraise the yacht’s current condition, historical maintenance, and its unique selling points.

This information, combined with the location, pedigree, accommodations, age, length and gross tonnage are then complied,  weighted, and analyzed to provide the best asking price for your yacht.

4. Visual Identity and Branding

A yacht’s first impression is hard to shake, especially when competing with other yachts that have the best maintenance programs, service, and highly trained crew.

Within seconds, a discerning yacht buyer will form judgments about yachts they have inspected, which will determine if your yacht is perceived as well-maintained, first-class operation.

Every detail counts and warrants the highest price possible, bringing potentially more buyers. This visual identity and experience is your yacht’s brand. Every yacht has one.

Your yacht’s brand is the way that guests and others experience your yacht, as well as its service and crew. This also includes the condition of your yacht and the atmosphere aboard.

Your yacht’s brand is its visual identity and all of these multifaceted parts. Your yacht is so much more than a name, length and style.

Consider how it’s operated, and the energy of the crew. The toys, accessories, table settings, and smells aboard — all part of the brand. The clean cut crew, stationary, and the crew uniforms are part of the brand. The continuity in each experience for every guest is your yacht’s brand.

With your yacht’s unique branding comes trust and loyalty, which translates into value. Your brand demonstrates what to expect, and those who board her will know what they’ll get.

People associate an entire experience with your yacht. That’s why the yacht sales and marketing of your yacht should be an extension of your yacht’s brand.

Simply put, if your yacht’s brand is polished and first-class, you’ll want the way your yacht is represented and marketed to be the same.

5. Identify Unique Features

While every yacht is beautiful in one way or another, the most important selling points of a yacht are the unique features that make her stand out and improve sale-ability. These features may range from her spacious cabins, an open layout, a heli-deck, or even items that may not be visible, like her range, hull material, and classification.

What’s important is knowing which unique features are the best to highlight and why, which may be the difference between a quick sale for the best price and the alternative.

Because of this, an in-depth market analysis, which identifies comparable yachts in the market, along with professional yacht sales guidance is highly advised.

6. Photography and Video

Yacht photography and video has a direct impact on the opportunity to sell a yacht. In a recent survey, yacht brokers, yacht buyers and yacht charterers rated photos as the number one deciding factor when determining which yachts to view during their search.

Yachts listed with limited pictures — or even worse, poor pictures — can cause buyers to overlook some of the best yacht-buying opportunities available.

Good or bad photography also has a direct impact on if a buyer will pay top dollar for a yacht, as well as the feedback they may receive from family and friends.

While vivid photography is important, knowing how to photograph a yacht is a skill that even troubles the most talented photographers. It is important to include the best angles and shot list for the most powerful marketing.

When choosing a yacht broker, be sure to select one that has an eye for detail and knows how to coordinate a photo shoot that will make your yacht stand out from the crowd.

7. Marketing Strategy

It takes more than traditional yacht marketing or a one-size-fits-all solution to sell a yacht for the highest price in the shortest period of time.

Every yacht is unique in its own way, including its history, key features, and amenities. It’s important to articulate a story that buyers want to hear.

Because of this, only a well thought out marketing strategy with powerful messaging, content, and distribution, amplified by an advanced digital marketing plan (re-targeting, social outreach, influencers and more) will reach the right buyers, at the right time. All of which provide the best results.

8. Advertising and Boat Shows

A dominant advertising presence, which includes print, online, and in-person marketing, is the cornerstone of an effective yacht sales and marketing strategy to sell a yacht.

This is where partnering with a yacht broker who works for a brokerage firm, with a large marketing budget, comes into play. With their clout, they will negotiate the best pricing for all paid advertising, where you can expect your yacht to be heavily featured.

They will also have a large presence at the worlds best events, including the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, the Monaco Yacht Show and many more, and they will utilize the best of the best digital marketing techniques.

While most yacht brokers rely on a marketing department to guide them though the marketing process, yacht broker Todd has built successful web startups.

He has also been instrumental in the digital marketing techniques and web development strategies used at the most renowned yacht brokerages in the industry.

For these reasons and because he is one of the top rated digital experts in the yachting industry, you’ll want to call him just to hear about how he utilizes online marketing, including automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to build relationships, and sell yachts.

9. Location and Relationships

The location of your yacht has a direct impact on the sales process. Yachts that are easily accessible will attract buyer inspections. More times than you may think, yachts are often sold just because a buyers was in close proximity of the yacht for their initial visit.

Having your yacht easily accessible and nearby public and private airports, along with being in a luxury marina, provide a welcoming environment for a quick inspection and greatly increase the odds of a sale.

It is also highly advisable to locate your yacht in the South of France or Fort Lauderdale, Florida. These yacht shopping regions account for more yacht sales than all others combined.

While locating your yacht for easy access is at the top of the list, only the most qualified yacht brokers have an extensive network and their pulse on the market.

They know which yacht brokers have buyers looking for yachts like yours. They even have filtered lists of elite yacht buyers waiting for the perfect yacht to buy.

Not only is it important for your yacht broker to be a professional with expertise, but the network that broker has both within the industry and where he works, can make a difference in finding a buyer quickly.

10. Offers and Acceptance

In addition to the qualities listed above, a qualified yacht broker knows how to guide you through negotiations, surveys, and sea trials. He also understands the documentation required to sell a yacht and close the sale.

Yacht broker Todd Weider has extensive experience and knowledge. He knows which certificates and documents you’ll have to provide when you sell your yacht.

He also has real-world experience maintaining such documents and working with regulatory bodies worldwide, making the coordination of selling your yacht simple.

Go ahead and schedule your consultation with yacht broker Todd Weider to learn why his yacht sales techniques work.

10 Steps toSell a Yacht Fast
Step 1. Work With a Yacht Broker
Step 2. Market Analysis and Comps
Step 3. Price and Valuation
Step 4. Brand and Identity
Step 5. Identify Unique Features
Step 6. Photography and Video
Step 7. Marketing Strategy
Step 8. Advertising and Boat Shows
Step 9. Location and Relationships
Step 10. Offers and Acceptance
Yacht Marketing Expertise
Todd has built successful web startups, and has extensive digital marketing experience including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), web development and superyacht marketing. His expertise has been instrumental in the digital marketing and web development strategies of the most renowned yacht brokerages in the industry today. Because of this, he is often referred to as the “digital yacht broker,” utilizing automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to build relationships and sell yachts.


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