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5 Tips About Yacht Sales & Marketing

Yacht sales management and marketing with impact is the foundation of selling your yacht. Your yacht has extraordinary value, and Yacht Broker Todd Weider, along with his team of workhorses, will unlock and capture it for you.

Yacht sales today is the art of working one on one with an experienced yacht sales expert. In addition to their proven sales methods, they ensure you and your yacht receive the personal attention they deserve.

It includes a tailored approach, a discrete relationship, and a personalized experience, from a professional who is available for all your needs and questions, without pain and aggravation.

In the new world of yacht sales and marketing, big yacht brokerages use your yacht to get more listings. They dump you into their systems for maximum gain. Their methods and one-size-fits-all old-school approaches are outdated.

Putting together a proven, multifaceted end-to-end strategy to sell your yacht for a maximum price is an important step. However, it requires more than access to UHNWI, digital expertise, proprietary data, product knowledge, collateral, and a worldwide network of middlemen.

Knowing what the market wants, and how to best position your yacht for today’s buyer matters more than ever. When done right, it’s the difference between your yacht sitting on the market overpriced, or worse yet, selling for a low price vs identifying its potential and unlocking its maximum value. (see TRANQUILITY yacht here)

Representing CEOs, billionaires, prime ministers, entertainers, and other ultra-high-net-worth clients through every aspect of the yachting experience, yacht sales broker Todd Weider and his team of experts offer proven, one-on-one yacht sales methods and representation for maximum results.

To learn more view the Yacht Sales Guide & Checklist below.

Orchestrate the sale of your yacht without conflict. Use a yacht sales broker without any direct shipyard or parent/holding company ownership. This allows your yacht to be objectively marketed to prospective buyers without concern that another yacht or builder must be given priority.

You’ll want insider information about which yachts have been cared for by highly qualified and respected professionals who operate and maintain them, and which ones have not.

Detailed information about yachts is often only obtainable from a highly qualified yacht broker or luxury yacht sales expert. The reason for this is because they know the industry and focus on yachts for sale, day in and day out, giving them direct knowledge of the global yacht fleet.

Further, many of the most sought-after yachts for sale worldwide are only offered for sale privately, which means they are not known to be available for purchase or offered in the public domain. For many reasons, they are often the best yachts to buy.

For information on privately listed yachts for sale, to learn about yachts that are coming to the market, and certainly, before you buy a yacht, download the Best Yacht Broker Comparison Guide for free and also speak with yacht sales expert and broker Todd Weider.

He provides rock-solid information and is easy to talk to. Simply use his contact information below to book a time, or just call him directly to talk about yachts.

Yachts For Sale Guide & Checklist

See the top 10 questions about yachts for sale below. For answers to these questions and your own step-by-step workbook, download the Yachts for Sale Guide and Checklist below.

For expert guidance and more, contact yacht sales expert Todd Weider “wider”, a luxury yacht specialist located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with clients worldwide. Keep scrolling down the page for additional information and tips, as well as what you should consider when searching yachts for sale and before you buy a yacht.


  • Where can I find “cheap” yachts for sale?

    Calling a yacht sales broker is without question the best place to find a “cheap” or the best-priced boat or yacht for sale. They have relationships with banks and sellers who are extremely motivated and often know about available yachts before they come to market.

  • How do I find the price a yacht sold for?

    The best way to find out what a yacht sold for is through a yacht sales expert or broker. An expert yacht sales broker (one like Todd) will have historical records of all yachts that have sold. You can simply ask for a yacht analysis report which will outline all the yachts, prices, and the date they sold for.

  • How much does a small yacht cost?

    Small yachts from 40′ (12m) – 60′ (18m) cost from around $500,000 for a cruiser/express yacht, to over $4,000,000 for a newer yacht with state-of-the-art design, equipment, and systems.

  • How much does a yacht cost to insure?

    A 180 foot (55m) newly built yacht with a hull value of $40,000,000 and an American crew will cost an estimated $130,000 – $160,000 per year to insure. This includes the pollution, crew policy and the Caribbean, Transatlantic crossings, and Medeterannean navigation.

  • What is the best yacht brand?

    The best yacht brand is different for each size yacht. For superyachts, some of the best brands are Feadship, Lurssen, Oceanco, Amels, Heesen, Westport, Benetti. For megayachts, the best yacht brands are Sunseeker, RIVA, Azimut, Ferretti, Ocean Alexander, Horizon, Princess, Sanlorenzo. For smaller yachts, the best brands are Hatteras, Viking, Van Dutch, Wally.

  • How much does a used Azimut yacht cost?

    Azimut boats and yachts for sale are priced from $1,000,000 at the more affordable end, with asking prices all the way up to $10, 000,000+ for the most luxurious Azimut models. 

  • What are the best used yachts for sale?

    The best used or previously owned yachts for sale are yachts that have been well maintained, with routine service current on all engines and systems by certified technicians or professional crew. Yachts that are professionally cared for also tend to be better than yachts that are not under a planned maintenance plan. 

  • What are the different types of yachts?

    When it comes to hull design, the different types of yachts are full displacement and semi-displacement. When it comes to styling, there are cruiser/sport yachts, designed for speed and cruising, sportfishing yachts for game fishing, raised pilothouse yachts, which are generally just under the threshold of a tri-deck yacht, and then there are tri-deck yachts.

  • How much is a Sunseeker yacht?

    Sunseeker yachts for sale are available at various prices ranging from a starting price of $50,000 for an older runabout classic boat, all the way up to $23,000,000 for a newly launched 131′ (40m) tri-deck motoryacht. The price of a new Sunseeker 100 Yacht is $2,400,000. The price of a 131′ (40m) with 3,140hp MTU engines is $24,000,000.

  • Is a 112 Westport a good yacht?

    The 112 Westport is a good yacht with fiberglass construction and is known to be comfortable, safe, and hold its resale value. Westport builds some of the most popular raised pilothouse and tri-deck luxury yachts for sale and charter on the market. Models include the popular W 172 and W 164 models, down to the W 112.

Todd’s experience

Todd Weider

Yacht sales professional

Build and design expert

Owner’s representative

Project manager

Build captain

Former superyacht captain

Charter destination expert

Why Work With a Yacht Sales Expert?
The question should be why wouldn’t you?

Anybody can search through yachts for sale, but buying a yacht requires expertise, and this means having access to a team that can answer all your questions and a Yacht Specialist who can lead and orchestrate the process.

A qualified yacht sales expert has a strong network and access to professionals in the yachting community, real-world experience in yacht sales, as well as building, operating, managing, and inspecting yachts.

Regardless of size, working with even the best yacht sales brokers cost you nothing, and one with real-world expertise will guide you through the yacht buying process, and beyond, making key decisions simple to understand, and easy to make.

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten - Benjamin Franklin

Yachts For Sale Guide

What should I know when searching yachts for sale?

Having first-hand knowledge of yachts for sale in the marketplace is without question a key step to knowing which yachts are best to buy, and extremely important in finding the perfect yacht.

Generally, it is recommended to start the process by finding a trusted source with the most comprehensive list of yachts for sale. You can find this source right here.

You’ll need to invest a significant amount of time understanding the available yachts for sale, their features, the condition of each yacht, and if any of them actually meet your needs.

But before this, you’ll want to consider your budget, the type, style, number of guests to accommodate, how you will use your new yacht, and where.

Even though answering these questions may seem simple, it is often found that even the most knowledgeable yacht buyers don’t have all the necessary information to answer them correctly.

Yacht specialist Todd Weider uses a proven method that brings the right answers to the surface every time. Having the answers to these questions will quickly guide you through all relevant yachts for sale to ensure you will avoid common mistakes, all while saving you lots of time and money.

Because of his method, and even if you’re a seasoned yacht owner, working with yacht specialist Todd Weider is highly recommended, and easy. (download his Yachts for Sale Guide below)



  • Freshwater: Yachts that spend time in freshwater or in calmer seas have less wear and tear
  • Crewed yachts: Yachts with a part-time crew can often be found in better condition than yachts with a full-time crew
  • Foreign flagged yachts: If you’re a US citizen, ask Todd about foreign-flagged yachts that are located in FTZ’s
  • Charter yachts: Many charter yachts are the best yachts for sale, ask Todd why
  • Spare parts: Many yachts have thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in spare parts that are not factored into their asking price
  • Soft goods: In just a few weeks and for little money, new soft goods can completely change an outdated yacht
  • Yacht value: Use www.yachtestimator.com to get a verified yacht valuation
  • Tenders: Custom tenders are more valuable than production tenders
  • Towed tenders: Many yachts for sale exclude towed tenders with the sale of the yacht
  • Decking: Often overlooked in the survey, but can be very costly if needing replacement
  • Inventory: Inventory submitted by the seller is often much different than what you see in the listing photos
  • Bookmarks: Use your web browser to bookmark and organize your favorite yachts online from any site
  • Yacht Ozone: An ozone generator has the capability to immediately remove odors like smoke, mildew, and more

For a courtesy review of the yachts for sale that you like and yacht buying information on yachts of all sizes, including market knowledge, simply schedule your 15-minute yacht buying consultation with yacht sales broker and specialist Todd Weider.

He is always available, and it will be one of the smartest decisions you’ll make searching for your next yacht.

Go ahead and WhatsApp, send a text 24/7, or call +1-954-610-55735.

How Much Does TheAverage Yacht Cost?
40′-60′ / 12m-18m $200k – $4M
60′-90′ / 18m-28m $1M – $8M
90′-120′ /28m-36m $4M – $10M
120′-150′ / 3m6-45m $8M – $20M
150′-180′ / 45m-55m $15M – $35M
180′-200′ / 55m-58m $20M – $45M
200′-230′ / 60m-70m $30M – $70M
230′-325′ / 70m-100m $60M – $220M
325′-550′ / 100m-167m $200M – $450M
550′ / 167m + $400M+
*estimates can vary greatly by yacht size, builder & year built

Yachts for Sale Guide & Checklist

yachts for sale guide and checklist


Sailing yachts and motor yachts not publicly offered or advertised for sale are most often referred to as “private listings”, and more times than not, they are only known by a limited number of the best yacht sales brokers.

The reason for this is because these yacht brokers are highly trusted. They share their own privately listed yachts for sale with other top-rated yacht brokers, and most importantly, they have their own exclusive lists of buyers looking for yachts to purchase.

These select few brokers also have inside information on pricing and how motivated the owners of these privately listed motor yachts and sailing yachts are.

In addition to having insider information and yacht sales expertise, Todd has also spent three decades operating, building, managing, and marketing some of the most complex and renowned luxury yachts on the planet.

It is his global travel, diverse expert knowledge, and real-world experience that sets yacht sales expert Todd Weider apart from many yacht brokers. This is also why he is recognized by yacht owners and his peers alike, as a leading luxury yacht sales specialist.

Todd’s unique skills allow him to identify the best yachts for sale and uses proven methods that provide rock-solid results, period. It is for this reason his clients work with him time and time again when searching yachts for sale around the globe.

Searching yachts for sale

How to search yachts for sale?

Step 1: Find a professional yacht sales expert

When searching yachts for sale, the absolute biggest decision is not the yacht you will buy, but instead, who will represent you before, during, and after you buy a yacht.

If you, or the person giving you advice, are not multi-decade yacht professionals or yacht sales experts with real-world experience, and current market knowledge, you probably want to be careful.

There are many reasons to be careful, but the biggest reason is knowing what you don’t know. Having someone at your side with extensive experience, knowledge, and resources, who has your interests in mind,  is step one.

Also, except under rare circumstances, it’s recommended to use a yacht sales specialist who does not represent the seller of any yacht for sale you may want to buy. (See more below)

Many yacht brokers can help you find a yacht to buy, but only the best yacht sales specialists know the market, and how to navigate buying a yacht. Using a qualified yacht broker can be the difference between wasting valuable time and money, vs buying exactly what you want.

Because of this, the process of buying an existing yacht, or building one, while protecting your interests, getting you to the closing table, and beyond, is why you want an expert.

To help you with this process, download the Best Yacht Broker Comparison Guide for free.

Step 2: How do you find a yacht sales expert

The first step in choosing a yacht sales expert to help you with your yacht buying process is to know how to find the best yacht broker. The good news is you are here, which means you’ve already found a well-qualified professional that can help, and you can now know with confidence that your search is likely over.

Step 3: What to look for when choosing a yacht broker

A qualified yacht broker will not only be licensed and have access to the best data, resources, and insider information about the best yachts for sale. They will also have real-world experience.

This means they have actually spent years onsite at yacht building facilities around the world, overseeing multi-year construction projects of luxury yachts.

They know about legalities, operations, and managing large and small yachts because they have hundreds of thousands of miles running them as a captain, or as in Todd’s case, they have done so as a superyacht captain worldwide.

They will have in-depth knowledge of the yacht buying process and how to simply navigate around any complex issues that may arise during the buying process, which will ultimately enable you to move forward to your closing, while still protecting your interests.

Step 4: A reliable expert at your side

Now that you have a professional at your side, which shouldn’t cost you any money, the excitement of buying a yacht is now a whole lot easier.

This is because anytime you have a question about a certain yacht or about owning one, you have someone to provide you with sound insider advice, backed with decades of experience.

Simply ask your questions, or share yachts you may like, and if you have found the right yacht broker, you’ll get an answer within hours and often immediately.

With today’s communications, if a yacht sales expert does not reply promptly, it’s recommended you move on quickly.

Step 5: Search yachts for sale

When searching for yachts to buy, the most important element is to know your needs, and this is where things can begin to be confusing for even the most experienced yacht owners.

Why you may ask. The answer is because everything has an impact on something else. For example, with more guests usually comes more freezer space, and now storage requirements, which may mean more crew, which means a larger yacht, or maybe not.

You will know you have the right yacht expert at your side if they can clearly explain why.

More range may mean more fuel, and the question about if you need a full displacement yacht, or a semi-displacement yacht, needs to be considered.

Where will you use your newly purchased yacht? Is there a draft restriction you may not know about? Will your yacht be put into a charter program?

Knowing how to find the right answers to these questions and more, is critical, and referred to as discovery in the yacht buying process.

With a quick 15–30-minute call, a yacht specialist can quickly guide you through the discovery process. Then you’ll have enough knowledge to confidently begin searching yachts for sale.

An alternative is to free yourself up, relax, and a yacht sales expert like Todd will put together a fully customized presentation and market analysis of only the best yachts on the market that specifically meet your needs.

Step 6: Review amenities, features, and toys

Yachts these days have it all, from beauty salons to submarines. If it’s out there, chances are you can find a yacht that has one, or several of the many options available.

Despite whether you may like a certain toy, feature, or amenity, taking all of them into consideration when you buy a yacht is an important part of the discovery process.

This is because, at some point in the future, your needs will change. You will either want to sell your yacht, or you may want to put it into a charter program, or even use it for a different purpose.

Your family and pool of friends may even grow, and the right amenities, features, and toys could be the difference between doing what you want or being stuck with what you have.

Working through this process requires a lot of questions to be asked and answered. This is where your yacht specialist makes the process enjoyable and guides you at each step.

Step 7: Consider alternate styling and design of luxury yachts

A well-proportioned, comfortable, quality interior and exterior living space is a very subjective statement. What works for one may not work for another. This is why yachts for sale come in all shapes, styles, and designs.

Whether you’re looking for a new yacht or one that has been previously owned, it’s important not to rule out any yacht on looks or layout alone. The reason for this is some of the best buying opportunities on the market are yachts which require just a little vision.

Looking for a yacht with a bigger swim deck, or do you love the exterior styling of another yacht, but the interior styling or layout is not to your liking, not a problem.

Yacht extensions are common and easier to complete than you might think, and with the input of a qualified interior yacht stylist and a qualified yacht expert, new soft goods can easily be installed in as few as a couple of weeks, or with a full interior refit, which may include a layout modification, can take as few as 2-6 months.

These few changes can make a yacht, which you may have passed on, new again, exactly what you might want, and at a great price.

Step 8: Account for interior fit-out, finish and flow

While most luxury yachts are beautiful to the eye, the interior fit-out, finish, and flow of a yacht can have a great impact on its price, noise levels, care, and efficiency. Details matter.

When a yacht is built, most people think of engineering as something that happens in the engine room, or in the design of the hull and systems, but behind the scenes, how the interior of a yacht is constructed, installed, and fit-out is an engineering marvel.

It is for this reason, many yachts of the same size may cost much less, where others are higher in price. This can be contributed to elements like floating interiors, access to services, noise dampening, selected materials, and whether it stands the test of time while at sea. A properly constructed yacht is important.

Knowing the practices of different yacht builders is not something many have first-hand knowledge of and why yacht owners consult with professional yacht sales and construction expert, Todd Weider, when searching yachts for sale.

Todd has managed, overseen, and orchestrated yachts under construction by many of the most reputable yacht builders around the world or has visited all of them, making him an expert in the field.

Step 9: How to understand a yacht’s efficiency

It used to be that when naval architects talked about efficiency, they were thinking about how well a yacht traveled across and/or through the water. They were thinking about speed and comfort underway.

Today the idea of efficiency encompasses all aspects of a yacht’s operation – at anchor, when cruising, will the galley afford the ability to put out enough food and on time, launching and retrieving tenders in various conditions, and much more.

Because of this, a yacht may look great, it may have the right number of cabins, and the price might be perfectly suited for your budget, but how will you determine her efficiency.

Step 10: What you need to know about engines and systems

Every yacht owner at one time or another will be asked how fast his yacht goes, and with this question comes many other questions related to a yacht’s systems and propulsion equipment.

If you are looking for a high-performance yacht that can jet between ports quickly, your yacht will require huge quantities of thrust in the most efficient way possible. If your idea of yachting is enjoying a slower more relaxed pace, then your yacht may only require a fraction of the horsepower.

Regardless of your needs, you’ll want engines that are performing as they were designed, and engines that are reliable. This means knowing the history of the yacht’s engines, are they performing properly, when their last service was, along with how long until they need to be rebuilt or replaced.

All of these variables may have a big impact on the yacht’s price, and if you will have to take your next yacht out of service for an engine overhaul.

You are well on your way to finding the best yachts for sale, and now, you know what to look for, what to avoid, and how to navigate the process of buying a yacht.

Contact Yacht Specialist Todd Weider

To begin this amazing fun-filled experience, take the next step and contact yacht specialist Todd Weider. He’s happy to talk about yachts at any time.

Simply use WhatsApp, call, or send a text 24/7 at +1-954-610-5573 for anything you’d like to know about buying or owning a yacht.

10 Best Tips onSearching Yachts For Sale
Step 1. Find a yacht sales specialist
Step 2. How to find a yacht sales expert
Step 3. Choosing a yacht broker
Step 4. A reliable expert at your side
Step 5. Search yachts for sale
Step 6. Review amenities, features, and toys
Step 7. Consider alternate styling and design
Step 8. Interior fit-out, finish, and flow
Step 9. Understand a yachts efficiency
Step 10. What to know about engines


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USD 45,335,974
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